Stocks: Walmart, Alibaba Surge in Premarket; GE, Canopy Growth Fall

15.08.2019, 15:59

Stocks in focus in premarket trade on Thursday, 15 August.

Walmart Rises 6.20%

15.08.2019, 15:03

Walmart (NYSE:WMT) rose by 6.20% to trade at $112.78 by 14:30 (13:30 GMT) on Thursday on the NYSE exchange.

Netflix Falls 3.17%

15.08.2019, 13:03

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) fell by 3.17% to trade at $289.63 by 16:09 (15:09 GMT) on Thursday on the NASDAQ exchange, down 3.17% on the day.

General Electric Falls 12.74%

15.08.2019, 12:47

General Electric (NYSE:GE) fell by 12.74% to trade at $7.88 by 16:11 (15:11 GMT) on Thursday on the NYSE exchange, down 12.74% on the day.

Explainer: UK to loosen budget purse strings as Brexit nears

15.08.2019, 12:20

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government has made billions of pounds of new spending commitments in its first three weeks in office, even before the potential costs of a disruptive, no-deal Brexit are taken into account.